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HARAYUKI is a famous high-end hair-clinic preferred by many South-Korean celebrities HaraYuki is a high-end Japanese brand that flood the street of Kangnam and Bundang in Seoul, in the top 5% of the best Hair Clinic (4 levels) and is used as a highly functional brand by celebrities, Idol groups and people having severe hair damages due to their professions. This product is constantly used by customers of  Seoul Marshal,Lee-Chul Hair Kerker etc.

( New generation of Hair Care products ! )

Olive oil protein coats the damaged areas of  the hair and quickly provides smooth and elastic curls.

 Clinic-type straight cream  with SIG  special protein protects hair from heat and selectively applies itself to damaged areas to refill lost protein and minimize hair damage.

Perm 1: Magic Healthy 1: Magic Damaged 1:

Natural plant-based coconut oil and shea butter provides nutrients to hair which maintains the hair’s smooth sensation with moisture and shine.

Most cost-efficient combination of HaraYuki Treatment for household or salon. That allows for more systematic and consistent treatment.

4 step treatment system is a hair recovery program designed to fundamentally rebuild health condition of hair.  - Guaranty ! -




Moisturizing, Conditioning, Reduce colour loss


Moisturizing, Conditioning, PCA Stimulation

Amino-acid mix

Damage Care



Aspartic Acid

PH Balance

HaraYuki Perm H5.5 #1 and #2 : 400 ml each.

Perm Mix with PH 5.5 that is applicable to various level of damaged hair. Supply nutrients to damaged hair and elastic wave with hair nutrients such as protein, natural moisturizer, silk protein, amino acid, etc.

Also can be used in variety of other technical operations such as normal perm and heat perm.